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Title: Washburn eat12b problems
Post by: DRAKUL666 on April 18, 2018, 12:28:44 AM
Hello everyone, I recently bought a Washburn eat12b from a local store in my country and after a little research I haven't found too much information regarding to this model in particular, the Eat12b is not even listed on washburn catalog or on its website, being said that (which is not the problem) the guitar comes with a Fishman 301t Isys , but I encountered that I have a White noise sound when I use my guitar trough an amplifier and sometimes noise is distorted but the main problem is the white noise which is very noticeable when I turn the volume up, I checked the bridge and the saddle is quite hard to take off, I've re-accommodated the strings and the saddle and I don't know what else to do, So I would like to know if someone here has had troubles with guitars that have this preamp  pre-installed. Thank you in advance.
Title: Re: Washburn eat12b problems
Post by: WEBgUy on April 20, 2018, 02:41:20 PM
The EAT12B may not be familiar to the US Markets as it was sold predominantly by our European distributors.  We did the EA12 in the states.  I have run into the white noise you've described a couple of times with the conical style pickups used in the Fishman 301's.  I have been dealing with piezos and their performance since I started working for Washburn in 1980.  The conical pickups are great.  The are easy to achieve string to string balance, and there is some real benefit from their 360* sensor ability. 

With the conical pickups, if the saddle starts to lean forward, it will to push the pickup to the back end of the saddle slot and you will not get that firm, complete contact that you need for full, fat, balanced sound. In a couple of these cases, I have encountered the white background noise.

I have a handmade tool, that can knock the saddle gently back to an upright position without harming the bridge or saddle. That is not an option for you right now.   I would remove the tension, slide out the saddle, gently lift the pickup out of the slot, smooth it out with your fingers and rotate it slightly so the saddle will rest on an new area.  to restring, I would start by hand tightening the B and A string, then the two outside E's, finish with the G and D all by hand.  In both cases where I encountered white noise, reseating the pickup and making sure it wasn't leaning forward reduced the white noise to a point where I could not detect it during normal gigging performance.  Give it a try.