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Title: [QUESTION] producer wants to learn guitar
Post by: Aplam on January 31, 2019, 12:18:41 PM
i dont want to have a 1 to 1 guitar lesson neither in person or through skype, discord etc. what are some good services or websites (preferably pre recorded lessons on video format) that contain basic information for me to learn the guitar? i dont want to just learn songs, i want to master the instrument and understand how to play the correct way. paid services are an option aswell  Showbox ( Tutuapp ( Vidmate (

Title: Re: [QUESTION] producer wants to learn guitar
Post by: JudgeShredd on January 31, 2019, 03:50:54 PM
Why not you tube? I'm new to this guitar thing, but so far you tube provides more than i need. try this guy, jonathan kehew "the D-C-G trick"--  Also, I did an community learning group class for $45 through my community schools. Was a group class, but as it turned out, only my Niece and I enrolled, so we had the instructor all to ourselves for like 5-6 classes/weeks. Dude was/is a cool/"interesting" guy who scraped together a living just playing and teaching guitar (and harmonica, and "storytelling") freelance. I took the class again 6 mos later with different results, a couple pre-teens enrolled,etc, but I still learned some stuff. Concurrently, I took Harmonica class from him, which was kinda a bustout for 5 weeks, where he just played tunes on guitar and about 8 of us wailed on harmonicas, with no direction or rhyme or reason lol. I'm actually chuckling as I write this. BUTTT- at that class I met this Barbershop Quartet 50 ish Irish Fella, and he turned me on to these FREE singing seminars, with some half dozen insane hegemonic 4 part harmony groups. Which led me to learning that i'm not tone deaf as I always thought and was told. Of course they want me to join too, and I still might, but I got some other irons in the fire....Rock On my Brother
Title: Re: [QUESTION] producer wants to learn guitar
Post by: ducklife on February 27, 2019, 10:53:51 PM
I love learning guitar. I think you will love it when playing it.

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