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Title: Washburn N4 questions!!
Post by: jgcable on December 11, 2003, 09:42:32 PM
Hello people, glad to be here!! I am a newbie to this board and I have a question. I have run across 2 N4's that I am interested in buying but I can't find any info on them. They both have serial #'s that start with 94. Here is the odd thing. Both of them have a purple marble like splatter finish on them. They both have the Washburn locking trem, the Lawrence and the Duncan and the Stephens cutaway. I know they are both N4's but why is there no mention anywhere on the net anything regarding this unusual finish? What is it called? What is the actual complete model # of these N4's? What kind of wood is the body made of? It's kind of ugly but is it rare? Thank you in advance of your reponses.
Title: Washburn N4 questions!!
Post by: Accept2 on December 12, 2003, 06:49:53 AM
If its what I think it is, the finish is often refered to as Acid Rain. It uses a few colors along with silver foils on a black base. It is applied much like a crackle finish where opposing paints dont get along and seperate refusing to cover the other. I dont know what the additional letter designations that were put on after the N4 to id the color. It is not an easy finish to do, so they didnt make many of them. It was offered on a few different US models back in the early 90's. I have 3 guitars with that finish, and I love it. I have seen a couple of N4s with Acid Rain, but they didnt do many in that finish......
Title: Washburn N4 questions!!
Post by: jgcable on December 12, 2003, 07:37:05 AM
That makes alot of sense. The owners of both of the guitars told me they thought the color was referred to as Purple Rain. I got additional info too. One of them is a 92 and the other is a 94.
I have another question. I know that many guitars have years that are more popular or considered better years than others. What year N4's are considered better than others. It appears that neither of these guitars have the Buzz Feiten system on them. Should I be concerned about this. Both owners also told me that they thought that their finishes are custom shop. What do you think? I am really interested in which year N4's I should be looking for. Thank you.
Title: Washburn N4 questions!!
Post by: Accept2 on December 12, 2003, 08:16:10 AM
Buzz Feiten's system is great if you play alot of full chords. If you are using alot of fifths, or riffs, it doesnt really affect your tone, because 99.99% of the people on this planet arent that tone sensitive that they can pick it out. On full chords, it may have an affect, but the way I see it, how many great albums of the past 50 years have been recorded without the Buzz system...........
As for years, many people want 92 and up, since that is when the US custom shop was reopened by Grover Jackson. Any N4 before that was actually assembled with parts from Stephen's, Kahler, and Duncan. They were really a mish mash kit guitar at that point.

Title: Re: Washburn N4 questions!!
Post by: n4maia on February 06, 2018, 11:11:12 AM
Hi, iam new here and i have a N4 quilted maple top "smoke burst " serial 9802040 .. but i cant find information about this model.
help ?