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Idol Series / Wiring new pickups, can VCC be used? Help
« on: February 15, 2010, 09:02:26 AM »
Hey man,

Just so happens that I wired pickups to a VCC guitar YESTERDAY. I had the same question. Apparently, unless you can find some tricky wiring schematics to pull it off, you'll need a 4 wire pickup to be able to use the VCC. I used a Rockfield SWC, which has the same color scheme as seymour, and the stock randalls that were in the guitar to begin with. Pretty easy work, just rewire the new pickup to the old solder points by matching the colors. Like I said, I'm 90% sure you'll need a 4 wire pup , due to the fact that the VCC is basically just blending a coil tapped type sound with a humbucker sound. Hope this helps bro. If you're REALLY itching to use the Epi pups in it, you could always ditch the VCC and go Gibson style wiring...I like the VCC as well though...

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