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Originally posted by Rocket

Size is really not an issue... anyone ever seen Emmylou Harris or Sheryl Crow playing their jumbos?

Seriously, Emmylou is a Godess, but not petite, by any standard.

Dolly Parton, another Goddess, is in fact petite. Well, except
for her reputation, which is said to preceed her ...

Just see any pic where the two are standing close together.

I'm male, just a bit under 6', and the Baby Jumbo is very
comfortable for me.

Emmit Sycamore

Baby Jumbo Series / Neck Specs?
« on: June 08, 2011, 01:58:38 PM »
Not sure re mini jumbo, but baby jumbo (wb200 / wb400) are:

25.5 scale

1  11/16 nut

average 4 body depth

nut width = 1  11/16

fret scale = 25.5

body depth = 4 (average)

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