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Where can I order hard case for OE20FTPB ? preferred vendor? SKU#

While it looks great on a stand in the studio, want to be able to haul safely.


Recently had an opportunity to play a Washburn / Oscar Schmidt OE20 - as most guitars do out of the box, needed a little setup. But could tell it was going to be a great little guitar, so layed down the cash. The action, tone, finish and playability right up there with best, more expensive electrics like Fender Strats & Gibson Les Pauls. I'd call it a solid body with access panels for the switches and wiring. I've had hollow bodies that you do all the work through the F holes and can tell you that is one pain in the backside, so if I even need to clean pots or whatever, it will be simple. Great little guitar there Washburn!

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