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hi all in another simular Pantera related item  Rex has joined NOLA's own CrowBar! he will be playing bass and producing crowbar's new album due out at the end of the year.

Bell County (Ky) here

Hi everyone just got off of pantera's official website
Charlie from Anthrax reports in a seperate posting to the bands official website, Benante revealed that pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell and Drummer Vinnie Paul came down to Anthrax's headlining show in Killeen,Texas  on Saturday May 24th 2003,Dime, Vinnie, (sic) and the gang came out last night as well as the Drowning Pool guys he wrote. we opened the bar on the bus and we talked and laughed our asses off. we got to hear some of Dime and Vin's new s**t (New Found Power) and it was killer! I wonder if we could do some shows in August??? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm??

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