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Anyone in Dallas TX that wants to jam with some praise and worship?

Gary, I'd personally love to see a scanned pdf of that brochure! :)  

Originally posted by garyjg

Well, I'm new to this site, and it WAS after midnight when I resurrected the post, and I was barely awake when I saw this topic, so I didn't notice how old it was...

... So is the EA45 the actual model number for an early 80's Tanglewood Full Body?

Besides the guitar, I also have an early 80's Festival Series Brochure and price list, and didn't notice any mention of model numbers for these models.  Just names like Monterey, Woodstock, and Tanglewood.

Anyone know the difference between a standard Tanglewood Full Body and the Tanglewood Artist model???

- Gary

I have the same guitar. Thought nobody knew anything about this wonderful guitar. Well, mine is in the 700000 range for a serial number and since I have the passive knobs for my electrics, I'm guessing that makes mine a pre 1987 model? Still in wonderful shape and still to this day sounds wonderful. I was the second owner and bought it from a piano shop believe it or not (guy had used it as a downpayment on a piano and I paid $200 for it in 1988).

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