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N Series (Nuno Bettencourt) / 2009 N4 Alder custom shop for sale
« on: May 06, 2010, 07:15:30 PM »

I'm selling my N4 made in USA

I bought it one year ago from

I will post it on ebay next week and let you all know, but in mean time you can contact me by PM if you want information and picture.  The guitar is in perfect (near mint) condition


General Discussion on Washburn Electric Guitars / N4 pickup
« on: May 17, 2009, 11:30:37 AM »

I just got a new N4 (alder body) from FunkyMunkyMusic, it's a wonderfull guitar and I really like it.  I have questions about my bridge pickup.

Washburn puts sometimes Bill Lawrence USA 500L or 500XL.  I want to be sure the one I have on my N4.  I read the ohm value of the bridge position and it gives me a value around 11K.  

First question :  is it a 500L or a 500XL ?  My feeling is that it is look like a 500L...  I hope it's a 500L because it's make me sick to have the same pickup as Dimebag Darrell ;)  (R.I.P man but I really don't like your sound, but sometime I like to hear some sounds of Pantera)  I know the pickup it's just a part of the sound but Nuno's using both 500L and 500XL.  Does anybody know when he use each ?

Second Question : for me the best Nuno's sound is in the Waiting for the Punchline.  That's for me the better Extreme's album and the better Nuno's sound.  Nuno's solo album and Mourning Windows have pretty good sound too.  My question is :  What's the pickup that Nuno used on the Waiting for the Punchline album ?  What about is solo album and Mourning Windows ?

Thirt question :  I read a lot of topics about people telling about replacing the Bill Lawrence USA by a real Bill & Becky.  Does anybody tell me the real sound difference beetween B.L.USA and B&B ?

I know there is a lot of topic about B&B pickup but no one answer my questions.



Does anybody have a good or bad experience building a N4 with neck and body that came from Warpdrive music on ebay ?

I want to build one and I know they sell part that are rejected by washburn, but as they said to me it's only minors esthetic problems like wood with grain imperfection.  The US N4 production has a very very high quality standard, so small imperfection can be a reject part.  It doesn't affect the quality sound and fitting.

Other thing, I know the neck joint has slightly changed over the years but if I buy a body and neck from the same period of time it should be ok ??

So any experience are welcome and if you have pictures it could be nice.



As I have posted on a previous topic, I got a old '91 N2 in a pawn shop for 40$.  This guitar need to be restored (body finish).  However the neck is very good (strait and no buzz), maybe I will have to refret it, but for the moment it's playable.

It's a 91 model so as many people said it's better than many current N2 model.  I am going to upgrade it too.

I want to start this topic because, I will have a lot of questions on different part of this work and also I want to share the information for other people that want to do the same.

Body & Neck restoration
I want to follow this topic :

Tru oil for the neck and Tung oil for the body

I have removed the 2 pickups and the bridge is a Bill Lawrence L500 Made in USA as printed in the back of the pickup; the neck is a washburn model.

I'm going to upgrade the neck pickup for a seymour duncan 59 neck.

I'm going to replace them for Grover 18:1.

Replace the switch 3 position, push-pull volume pot and jack.

The tremolo on this 91 model is a Washburn C 600 model made by takeuchi (JAPAN).  I don't know if is a good model for a licenced floyd rose.  I think Ibanez has used the Takeuchi too...

My plan is to replace it by an Original Floyd Rose like on the N4 Vintage, but the problem is there :  The radius of the neck is 14 and the Original Floyd Rose doesn't offer it for this radius (only 10 and 15 radius).  see

So how can Washburn fit them on the N4 model ?

Any other comments or considarations ?  I want to keep this topic alive with pictures and informations...


Hello everyone!

I am new to the forum !

I really love the N series guitar... I don't have enough money for the moment to get a N4 but last week I got a old N2.

The serial number is 1111568, I think it's a old one.  Does anybody knows the year ? 91 ? is it possible ? I'm not 100% sure...  Also I don't know where it was made (korea, japan, china, etc...)

Could anyone please help me with the serial of my N2?

I could not retrieve any information about that serial.

Thank You!

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