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Idol Series / Keep vcc, and add tone control?
« on: December 17, 2015, 11:56:45 PM »
Don't know if this is do-able, but I like the vcc system, but I'd like a bit more tone control. Is it possible to add  maybe a master tone control? Is there a way to add more tone control to the guitar without drilling more holes in the guitar? I know rolling the volume off a bit can knock some of the high frequency off, but is there a way to get more tonal adjustment? I really do like the vcc, and I want to keep it.


Idol Series / Washburn Les Paul copy sorta thing
« on: September 11, 2010, 02:14:55 AM »
Got a shock when I clicked my bookmarked 'Idol series' link yesterday. At least I found the depleted 'original' idol line after backtracking. thing is, i just don't fancy any of them.. i hope they expand the 'original' line again. not a big fan of veneer. rather see mahogany than a slither of maple.
 ok, mine are all painted, but i'm so glad i got my 2 before this happened, though!!

can't help wondering how the new idols will sell...

Idol Series / OMG! I've gone and done it again!
« on: September 08, 2010, 05:42:31 AM »
hi guys!

some months after acquiring my white wi45, i had decided that that was it, and all my current guitars were keepers!
then a few days ago i started looking longingly at 70's/80's Japanese electrics on evilbay.. just had to have one of those old guitars..!

so i put my MIM fender tele up for sale or trade.

then last night i saw a new WI66 Pro G on the web for $cheap. and this morning i bought it! should be here in a day or 2.
still got to sell the tele, and maybe some more stuff, as it's 1 in-1 out these days!
Funny thing - I always HATED gold guitars until very recently, when i started to come round to them a bit.. ain't life weird!
Pics and review as soon as!

Show Us Your Washburn / My new white WI45
« on: March 08, 2010, 05:04:03 AM »
I first became aware of the Washburn Idol series some years ago, but unfortunately,  you don't see these guitars as much as many other brands, and I didn't get the chance to try one. I always liked the look of the Idol, though.
I finally got to try a Trans. Red WI45 a couple of weeks ago, and really liked it. I think the strings were the originals off a '59 Les Paul Standard.. But the feel of the guitar was great! I only got to try it through a small Roland Cube thing. I liked the VCC system, and even though it might not give an authentic single coil sound, it does have a 'single coil-ness' about it, which I like. I'd rather have this, than have to play an actual Strat!
I decided to sell my Mex. 50's Classic Player Strat, (and a couple of pedals) as I couldn't get on with it. But I wanted something with a 'Strat-y' sound.
I'd considered a Variax, but then on an Evilbay search, I came across the Trans. Red WI45, on sale locally.
I fancied the red one, and also a sunburst WI66, but as times are hard, and money tight at the moment, I settled for the solid white. I didn't think it looked that great in the pictures I'd seen, and wasn't keen on the black hardware. I preferred the look of, say, the White Epi. LP Classic with gold hardware. But, I figured, it's the SAME GUITAR as the Trans. Red. And it's only a paint job.
When the guitar came, and I opened the box, I thought, Wow! It looked so much better in real life than in pictures! The black/white theme looks great! Picking up the guitar, I was struck by the weight. Not the heaviest, sure, but reassuringly weighty.
I had a good look over the guitar, and it really is a well put together instrument. The binding, apart from one little bit on the point of the lower bout, looks really well done. Better than my friend's 25th anniversary Les Paul! The white finish looks perfect. The inlays on the fretboard and headstock are beautifully done. The fretboard is nice and dark, almost black, in keeping with the black/white theme. I really like the overall shape and feel of the guitar. I really like being able to get upto the highest frets, too!
There are a few light scratches on the fretboard, parallel with the fretwire, in a few places. So that's 2 little things, neither of which bother me.
I plugged it into my Peavey Classic 30.
First impression was that neck felt wider than I was used to. Due I guess, to the binding. I thought it had better clean sound than my Gibson Explorer. With the VCC knobs turned down, it sounds to my ears like the inbetween sounds on a Strat. I don't think the VCC system works so well with a dirty sound, though. But with everything up it sounds AMAZING!  I got a great AC/DC sound straight away. I think it's a great guitar for Classic Rock, which is what I mostly play, anyway, but it really does sound great clean! The strings that came with it were a bit light for me, so I put a heavier set on more or less right away. The sustain is great. I'd been prepared to change the pickups before I got the guitar, but I might keep the Randalls. I won't get to try the guitar at full volume until band practice on Friday, after which I'll post an update. Or maybe I've gone on enough, already... But I get the feeling it'll come through with flying colours.
I paid 269 sterling for this guitar, which is stupid money for a guitar this good. I can't believe more people aren't buying these guitars, and that they aren't as big a 'name' as some other brands...!

Idol Series / NGD tomorrow!
« on: March 04, 2010, 08:32:56 AM »

Yup, new guitar day! I'd been aware of Washburn Idol's for quite a while, without seeing one in the flesh until a year or 2 ago. An old-ish guy used to play one at a weekly jam night. Finally tried one out last week, a Trans Red WI45. Sold some bits and pieces, and the new one comes tomorrow. I was hoping to get the Trans Red, but I've ended up with the Solid White WI45 with black hardware. Times are hard at the moment, and money's tight, so I can't really justify the extra for the Trans Red. I loved the sound and feel of the guitar, and that's the main thing!
Looking forward to giving a good work out![:p]

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