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Festival Series / EA36 Turquoise sparkle!
« on: July 11, 2013, 04:09:43 PM »
Last week i found this at my local GC for $300. I HAD TO have it!
Since it has a Equis Gold preamp, I'm GUESSING it's a '96…or thereabouts.
Anyway, it's hardly been played! The frets are in pristine condition.
I have never seen this color on any EA model before, and the only one I could find of any Washburn was of a hollowbody electric.
So…I'm guessing it may have been a custom order.
Yes, it's a laminate…and it's perfect!
In the early 90's I had a black EA20 with Equis II. Still wonder why I got rid of it…maybe because of all the hair bands using them on MTV's "Unplugged"  :)

This guy here…is a guitar worth it's weight in gold.
If you have seen this color before or have comments, please post!
Neck straight, electronics work just fine…my new gig machine!

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