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Acoustic Basses / AB 20 Questions
« on: October 19, 2013, 06:17:09 PM »
Hola! New here....

I don't know much about AB 20s, except that there is no way I cannot own the one I have taken for the weekend to try.

You know how some instruments just pop alive in your hands? I may be possessed ........can't keep my hands off it.

I started playing stuff from a 70's metal band I was in that I haven't played in a long time.

Awesome tone, love the neck.......named it already and I haven't paid for it yet!!

Anywho, What is the Dif between a AB 10 and a AB 20? I don't see a AB 20 on the Washburn site, do they not produce that model any more?
The owner thinks it's 10 years old, ser # SG107562. I read some posts here about year produced from the serial#, but nothing positive.

The instrument is pristine as he never played it and it has been in its case most of it's life, he's a drummer, what can I say? He wants $600 said he payed $900. Seems high but I don't know these basses, and I will probably give him what he wants at this point....What do you think of the price?

Thanks for any help! Cal

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