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Travel Series including The Rover / New Rovers!
« on: November 14, 2015, 02:00:28 PM »
Was up in Peterborough Ontario at Maar's Music this morning and noticed they had ordered in 4 new wood styles of the Rover! The nice lady I chatted with said she had just ordered them in and that they were brand new. Not even on the Washburn website yet.

The new woods are Koa Top, Cedar Top, Spalted Maple Top and Zebrawood top. I'm guessing based on the price point that they are laminates but we couldn't figure that out based on the tags and box. They also do not appear to be photo wood….

Here are pix of the Spalted Maple and the Zebrawood Rovers. I came really close to picking up the Spalted Maple top Rover there, Sound wise there were very subtle differences in tone but not having time to really check them out I'm not sure that wasn't just in my head vs what I was really hearing.

Travel Series including The Rover / Rover setup
« on: October 01, 2015, 03:37:00 PM »
Hi folks! I purchased a used Rover a couple of years ago and thought I would post some observations about the setup of my Rover since this information seems to be hard to come by.

When I first purchased the Rover I felt that the action was sky high, it didn't come with the second saddle but did come with the saddle shims which kind of surprised me since I figured I would have to sand down the saddle to get it close to a setup I liked.

I'm not sure what was done to it prior to my owning it but it seemed to have been around the block not so much in terms of wear but in terms of airport security tags from Africa, wish this Rover could talk!

Anyhow one of the first things I changed was the saddle height basically shaving it down as far as I dared to go which got it just about right. I also noticed that the truss rod was pretty much at it's maximum tightness (cranked to the point where it felt I would break something) so wondered if the neck actually required a reset.

Until the other day I hadn't really seen a lot of information setup wise on these little guitars or any recommendations on strings. I never liked the feel of the strings it came with which were unknown or the D'Addario lights I installed.

The other thing I noticed was that the bridge pins didn't fit right, now this may be due to the previous owner loosing one and replacing them but they just were not right. Because I wasn't overly excited about the stock plastic saddle I ordered a set consisting of a bone nut and saddle and bridge pins. The new bridge pins on the right in the photo below fit much better IMHO no real difference in sound just looks.

To get the action down to my liking I shaved most of the saddle down as you can see from the photo below. Basically just had a sanding block that I rubbed the bottom of the saddle on until I got it down to the height I liked granted I don't have anything left pretty much so the bridge would need to be shaved if I needed even more. The saddle in the kit was bang on as far as intonation goes.

The final piece of the puzzle were the stings, I had installed D'Addario EJ16 lights but they just never felt right on this guitar and as a result the poor old Rover wound up on the shelf. Then the other day I happened to see someone's ad for one and it showed in the specs that it had come with D'Addario EJ15 Extra Light Gauge so took a gamble and installed a fresh set. Man what a difference, now I really like the feel and in the back of my head I'm thinking I could probably loosen the truss rod ever so slightly.

To adjust the truss rod you will need a 5mm allen key the truss rod is METRIC and not imperial and is on the neck block and accessed through the sound hole. It is visible as soon as you sight up the sound hole towards the neck. I only turn 1/6 or one flat of an allen key at a time but if things feel real tight STOP and get a trusted tech to check it out. The last thing you want to do is force it and snap something!!

This is a very good article on how to adjust a truss rod,

The Rover is a neat little guitar, I like the shape of it better then the Martin Backpacker and once set up properly it doesn't buzz and is quite a nice little player. Hope this helps.

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