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D10 Series / New member introduction
« on: October 13, 2015, 10:44:44 AM »
Hi all, Just decided to pick up my old guitar and start attempting to learn for the umpteenth time. I got a decent but slightly battle scarred D10 M/ CBL from a friend about 10 years ago and he only asked $30 for it at the time. It seems to be a nice guitar and plays well when I give it a shot for more than a few minutes. I know basic chords (G, C, D, A, Em and a few others) that those seem to be my easy to go to chords when I want to screw around. I suck at strumming as in I have one strum pattern that no matter how much I seem to try I naturally go to so everything I strum sounds the same. Reading music is not a strong suit for me but I'm trying- again! Interestingly, I've discovered the CBL stands for Carribean Blue on these guitars but mine is clearly a Green guitar. Oh well, back to attempting to play.

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