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Hi All, am new and just registered so hello there - I hope you can kindly be of assistance.

I have just bought an N4 from eBay - it was described as playing beautifully. it doesn't.   Neither does it stay in tune for more than a few seconds and the gentlest of waggles on the trem and its back to the fine tuners!

Have asked the seller for a refund on the basis that it is substantially not as described but seeing as I plan to purchase another one asap (I played a friends N4 vintage  - the one with the big screw in the volume knob, and loved it so the hunt is on for a good one) I thought I would ask those in the know a few questions which will help me on my way to buying one of these great guitars.

So, my questions are:

1) The guitar I bought has obvious fret issues that whilst irritating (and not described or mentioned by the seller which is really naughty) are not beyond fixing but the thing that really surprised me was that the trem says 'Floyd Rose special' which I understand was the Korean version and I thought all N4's had Washburn/Schaller/OFR terms made in Germany?

2) The pickup rings are angled like on a Gibson Les Paul or Sg - is that normal? the neck pickup is really out of line with the strings!

3) I note there are some nice sunburst versions (any many different finishes) - do these have more or indeed LESS value that one of the normal (Alder?) wood finish versions?  The Swamp ash ones look nice also so interested in peoples thoughts on those too!

4) the one that my friend owns is the relicced N4 natural finish and the frets are massive - very different to the frets on the one that I will be sending back, more like a medium jumbo  - again is that normal that only the relic version has the huge frets?

Any help greatly appreciated - thank you in advance! - will post some pics asap when I figure out how so you can give me your thoughts.


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