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D10 Series / 06 D10sce-N construction.
« on: February 05, 2018, 01:11:06 PM »
I ended up with this guitar as a result of stating that I needed a "beater", so that I could keep my good guitar out of the hands of certain people. So, she ran across this one and bought it for me because "it was pretty". I was psyched when I saw it was a washburn "because nobody around here plays them, (and I have been playing for 30 yrs). I quickly started setting it up. Setting the neck relief from being almost straight to specs and then cut a custom bone saddle (action was a little high but not too bad, for the already low cut saddle). I cut the saddle pretty much standard compensated "B" style and then stated tuning it up. The intonation was way off. Measuring the scale length showed 25 & 1/4 to the front of the saddle slot. So I came to the washburn site and looked up the specs. 25.5 scale length! Uh oh!
So a short trip to my buddy to check this thing out and keep it secret from my wife. He looked at it without even checking it out and said "firewood". " Two to one says it has a dowel neck. And possibly epoxied. And washburn is no help at finding out". Then he showed me the belly (which is low but there) saying it was probably ok when it left the factory, but doomed as soon as the belly started to develop. I told him about the scale measurement, and he put his saddlematic on it and said the saddle needed to go back at least 3/16th.
He said the best that he could probably do without it costing more than the guitar is worth, would be to put a oversized shaved saddle on it. Which wouldn't be cheap, because it may be epoxied on.
So, does anyone know about the construction of this guitar? I emailed washburn a few weeks ago asking about their construction methods on this guitar and got NO response. Now I know why the only washburns that I see around here are electrics. :(

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