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General Discussion / Washburn Guitar Club
« on: July 14, 2006, 10:47:24 AM »
Has anyone had experience with or is a member of the Washburn Guitar Club?  I received a membership form and sent it in along with the membership fee, but have not received confirmation of receipt and have not received any responses to e-mail messages.[:(]

By way of introduction, I have some music background having taken piano for five years as a child and playing in high school band for four years (tuba player).  I am a newcomer to guitar, having only begun acoustic guitar last year at the age of 53.  Began taking lessons, along with my teenage daughter, through the NC municipality where I live.

Quite by accident I purchased what I later discovered was a good choice for a first guitar, a D10S, and have been very pleased with it. I have since purchased a black EA-8 through an on-line distributor - I treated myself to a Christmas present. My daughter liked the look so much that I purchased a second one in the same color - along with the WA20 acoustic amp - as a Christmas present for her.

Am progressing moderately well learning chords and some finger playing, along with acquiring callused fingers on the left hand, and am experiencing the truth that barre chords do come with practice and building finger strength.

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