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I had an American made Washburn bass at one time and just now looked at the 2017 lineup of basses. It's terrible and disappointing!

I live in the eastern suburbs of Cleveland. I'd like to form a jazz group with piano, bass and drums. Or a quartet of you name it, sax, clarinet, whatever. I need flexible practice time due to my work schedule. I know we can get gigs. Even if jazz would be new to you it's worth a try.

Discuss Basses and Bass Playing / How Long Do you Practice?
« on: August 09, 2004, 07:48:10 PM »
Just wondering how long you folks practice every day. I try to get in at least one hour minimum. How about you? It's also tougher to concentrate in the summer on bass for me.

Discuss Basses and Bass Playing / Size of strings
« on: March 01, 2004, 06:24:16 AM »
I just purchased a T24....WOW. One thing I don't know is the string size. I read a response by Fourstring somewhere that went through this but I couldn't find it. Does anyone know what the original string size is on the T24 and other Washburn bassses?

Discuss Basses and Bass Playing / Washburn T24
« on: February 28, 2004, 12:23:51 PM »
I just bought a new T24 today and I'm very happy with the sound, the feel and the quality. The place I bought it from gave me an incredible deal and they ordered it on Monday and it came in on Thursday. The owner, who is in his late 60's said he'd never seen an instrument like it. The others who worked there all wanted to have a look. Let's hear it for Washburn.

Discuss Basses and Bass Playing / Road Case for Washburn bass
« on: November 06, 2003, 01:50:49 PM »
I bought a case for my new Washburn bass today and the guy had two that fit, one was the regular plastic case and the other was a heavy, thick metal road case. These aren't even in the catalog. I bought the road case and the bass is a perfect fit, although I have to tune down the A string so the neck sits on the neck cushion. I bought it for $88 new. It's twice as thick as the regular cases and twicw as heavy. I'm a happy guy! My wife bought it for me!!

Discuss Basses and Bass Playing / I bought a new XB 100
« on: October 29, 2003, 08:19:27 AM »
I bought this bass yesterday at Pekar Music in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. The owner's shop just won a magazine's guitar store of the year award and I can see why. The spy sent by the magazine asked every music store in northeast Ohio for blues guitar and Mike Pekar showed him three, the Washburn at $1300 was his favorite. No other music store knew as much. This place has a boatload of Washburn instruments including a full line of basses.
The XB 100 played amazingly well on the shops amp. It has tiny imperfections showing it was cut by hand and not by copmuter. Being a boat builder I like this about the bass. The neck has burls and is beautiful, the action perfect. The body is mohagany and although it is not one solid piece, but rather three pices laminated together, the body is beautiful and you have to get within inches to see the laminates. It LOOKS like a solid piece. The wood is just great looking. Sorry, but basses, even more expensive, that are made out of alder wood are just not as resonant. That's why they need active electronics and more pickups. Alder wood is related to aspen and is not nearly as dense as mohagany. This bass reminds me of my first ever which was a fretless 1970's Precision; Precisions were mohagany bodied back then. Thw XB 100 is quite heavy and the action perfect right from the factory. Yea Washburn!

Discuss Basses and Bass Playing / XB 100
« on: October 23, 2003, 07:55:45 AM »
I would like to know if the XB 100 comes in a fretless version without fret lines. They're mahogany which blows me away. Does anyone own one of these? Also, I can purchase a 1970's Washburn bass for next to nothing but it needs much. How do look up the serial no.? Oh, so many questions....

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