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General Discussion on Washburn Electric Guitars / bridge for old hb35s
« on: January 27, 2009, 02:23:46 PM »
i recently had my guitar tech change the saddles on my hb35's bridge. it is a 1991 hb35 - with the block inlays, rounded mickey mouse ears, pickup switch by the control knobs etc.

apparently this bridge fits the guitar :

but since the bridge was chrome (and the original is goldplated), my tech merely switched the saddles - but he told me that the bridge fits the guitar.

btw if you buy it and it doesn't fit on your guitar, don't hold me responsible for it. you buy the bridge at your own risk. i'm just posting this as fyi as it works fine with my guitar.

General Discussion on Washburn Electric Guitars / washburn hb35 bridge swap
« on: November 18, 2008, 10:47:41 AM »
anybody done this?

i have an old mij hb35. any idea which aftermarket model would be a perfect drop in without any physical modification to the guitar?

appreciate the feedback.

anybody changed the electronics on a hb35 - pots, capacitators etc?

i have a 1984 hb35 - made in japan.

any idea where the electronics can be best accessed from - fholes or pickup holes etc?

appreciate the feedback.

i recently got a japanese hb35 and am totally impressed with the playability and value for money.

any other similar japanese models - especially hard bodies that anybody can recommend from the 80s?

hey i got a jap hb35 on ebay a month or so back.

it sounds great - playability is great. so fully satisfied.

but i thought i could make it better by swapping the pickups with seymour duncan 59s.

then i noticed that while all the hardware - tuners, bridge etc - were gold (faded), the pickups alone were not gold - but nickel. i looked hard but could detect no gold on them.

so it could be that the pickups are not stock.

i've written to the guy from whom i bought it asking if he knew whether the pickups were swapped - but have not received any reply yet. Ah would i be so lucky that the pickups are gibson 57s or seymour duncan 59s or pearly gates!

or is that the way that the hb35s itself came - all hardware gold except the pickups?

appreciate some feedback from jap hb35 owners.

just bought a jap hb35 on ebay - but the truss rod cover apparently is missing. and i'm going abroad for a while and so will not even receive/see the guitar for a while. but want to have the cover ready when i get my hands on it.

any idea where i can get a spare of this?

or would the truss rod cover of say a gibson les paul fit on a hb35?

if somebody can measure the length from the upper screw to the screw below i would really appreciate it.

thanks for any help/information.

i'm looking for a semi hollow on the lines of the gibson es 336 - which is a smaller version of the gibson es 335.

wonder if washburn's hb35 would fit the bill.

any idea?

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