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Timbercraft Series / D52SW Purchase Advice
« on: June 21, 2009, 12:47:41 PM »
I purchased this guitar for $600 on a price match from Sam Ash.  When inspecting the guitar after it arrived, it looked like the guitar had been used.  A few dings along the edges and a kink in one of the strings.  The guitar case also had a dent along the bottom of the case. Sam Ash sent me another guitar but it does not look as nice or sound as good as the first guitar i received. Sam Ash is willing to give me an additional $50 dollars off of the first guitar. I really like the sound and looks of the first guitar but i am not very experienced with purchasing guitars. Should I keep this guitar with its minor belmishes for $550 or send both guitars back and start this process over?

I called Washburn customer service today and was told that all Washburn acoustics are made over seas. This guitar typically sells for $749 at most places i looked. Sam Ash gave me an additionally 20% off so for $600 i believe i received a pretty good deal. After playing this guitar for a couple of days i have decided to keep it.  Looks good, sounds good and the price is right.

I just received my D52SW guitar from Sam Ash today.  After doing research for a US made guitar, i decided to by this Washburn acoustic.  However my sticker inside the guitar said it is made in China.  The Washburn website states that this model has the Buzz Fieten Tuning System which is standard on all US made guitars. The Buzz system has a lighting bolt engraved into the nut to verify its authenticity, which this guitar does not have.  So what should i do? I really like this guitar but feel i have been mislead and did not get what i thought i was buying. Are Washburns made in the US or China?  Is the information on their website accurate? I paid $600 for the guitar which i like, but i buy US made products when ever possible.

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