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Washburn Parallaxe Series / Re: PXM20FR Electrical Component Failure.
« on: April 17, 2015, 02:40:54 AM »
The replacement toggle switch and pots/switches arrived yesterday and are fitted into the guitar. Instead of the Push/Pull originals I fitted Push/Push style volume and tone pot/switch and this works for me much better than the push/pull ones. The toggle switch replacement is a "Switchcraft" direct replacement and is slightly larger than the original but it fits ok. Everything is working perfectly again now :)

Washburn Parallaxe Series / PXM20FR Electrical Component Failure.
« on: April 14, 2015, 02:47:46 AM »
I purchased my PXM20FR guitar around 2 months ago from GAK UK after playing my friends identical guitar. I have been a USA Jackson Soloist man for the past 30 years but on retiring from the live performance scene I decided to sell and go for something a little less expensive. The PXM20FR in my opinion is a fantastic guitar in both feel and sound. Now the bad side. My friends guitar had a failed Volume control in the first month, the pull switch was ok but the pot went intermittant and had to be replaced with a much higher quality pot. My guitar has developed exactly the same fault and the PU selector toggle has gone intermittent also. My guitar came from a different retailer in a different city to my friends but given we both bought our guitars within a month of each other both guitars were probably from the same batch. I am an experience electronics engineer so i will be replacing both Pots and the Toggle switch myself as by the time i have returned the guitar at my expense and the time it will be away i feel it is not worth the trouble, however I have reported this problem to the UK Distributor who told me the had not been made aware of this problem before. They are now. Anyone else out there had a similar problem? I find it hard to believe that our two guitars of exactly the same model are the only two guitars who have suffered exactly the same failure.

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