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General Discussion / Re: What makes you tick?
« on: December 07, 2015, 10:17:55 AM »
First Name: J.D.
User Name: madhttr
Story Behind Your User Name: My dad's old CB radio handle back in the "Smokey and the Bandit" days.
Reside: Highlands Ranch, CO
Age: 49
Family: blessed beyond measure with a wonderful wife and smart and talented twin daughters.
Occupation: Financial Analyst
Hobbies: Running, hiking, biking.
Why do you like this forum?: I've played guitar for years, but only recently got bitten by the GAS bug and started scouring CL and Ebay for bargains.  Recently bought a WD7SCE which renewed my interest in Washburns.
When did you buy your 1st Washburn?: Bought an old 12-string Washburn at a garage sale years ago, but it had a crack near the neck and couldn't handle the strain.  Restrung it as a six string and gave it away to a teenager who was taking lessons from me. 
Why did you buy your 1st Washburn?: It was only $10 and I always wanted a 12-string.
Future Plans: Rescuing vintage Washburn, Yamaha, and Alvarez guitars stuck away in someone's closet.  Also looking for a 1960's Harmony 1215 like my dad's guitar that I learned on.  Still have the first guitar I bought--a 1980 Alvarez 5022.
Something Most People Don't Know About Me: I played "The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers in a high school talent show.

Show Us Your Washburn / WD7SCE
« on: November 24, 2015, 11:06:15 AM »
Picked up this little jewel at a great price recently.  A very nice player.

First post checking in from Highlands Ranch, CO.  WD7SCE on its way as we speak.  I needed an acoustic-electric to play in church and after trying out comparable guitars in the price range, I really liked the deep sound and playability of the Washburn.  In addition to praise and worship music, I play a little of everything, strumming and finger-picking, from bluegrass and country to classic rock.  The Washburn seemed to handle that range better than other guitars.  Actually this isn't my first Washburn; I picked up a old Washburn 12-string for $10 at a garage sale a number of years ago, but it had a crack near the neck and couldn't handle the stress.  I probably should focus on playing one instrument really well instead of being mediocre at three, but I also play a fair amount of mandolin and bass.  The guitar was my first love though.  I'll report back once I put some time in on the WD7SCE.

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