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So in the end I bought a floyd bar one week ago and it works fine... concerning the original bar, I'll try to clean it up inside the collar and see if it works sooner or later...

Ok, so I didn't find the lock ease but I tried a couple of other long term lubricants, a silicon based one and a lithium based one, and they did their job, as the collar started to rotate again... but unfortunately when I screw the bar in the socket, it does not rotate properly again. I think that either the thread of the bar is ruined or something else in the bar is off-axis (the thread on the bridge is fine, I checked it a couple of times). I think I have to replace the bar. The bridge says "Licensed Under Floyd Rose Pats", the guitar is a Washburn CS-780. What bar should I purchase? Would standard Floyd Rose bar do the job?

Thanks in advance

WD40 is almost useless as a lubricant, as its most prevalent ingredient is alcohol...which is used to displace water in certain applications (hence the first two letters in the product name...WD, for "water displacer").

Here is what I would a small squirt can of "Lock Ease", obviously a product used to lubricate the tumbler mechanism in locks. That product contains graphite, which is a great long-term lubricant.

It might might not, but it is not expensive so it is what I would try first.

Please let us know if it works.

Cheers, and good luck!!

Dughy 8)

Ok thanks! I'll try to buy it and use it. Just a couple of questions... how long should I wait before reinstalling the bar? Just after applying the lubricant or after some time? And if it doesn't work, would an original Floyd Rose bar fit the Washburn bridge? I know that some of these guitars were sold used with another whammy bar (not the original) but I don't know what bar was it... I think that an original Floyd would fit, but I'm not sure...
I'll let you know if the Lock Ease will work anyway

Cheers :)


Hello guys, I'm pretty new to the forum so I'm sorry if this is the wrong section
I have a Washburn CS-780 made in Korea in 2001, and a couple of days ago the collar of the whammy bar got kinda stuck to the bar itself so whenever I use it the collar rotates with it and so it can't stay in place. I tried lubricating the collar with some WD-40 but it didn't work too well. Whenever the bar is in the socket, the collar is almost impossibile to rotate without rotating the bar and vice versa, and even when the bar is not mounted it's very difficult. It's pretty annoying since I can't use the bar properly... what should I do? Should I let the bar soak in the WD-40 for a day or two or should I replace it? Do you have other suggestions? The bridge is a Washburn bridge licensed under Floyd Rose patents... would an original Floyd Rose bar fit in it?

Thanks in advance

Vintage and Rare Washburns / Re: CS 780 For Sale
« on: December 18, 2016, 07:59:42 AM »
Hello bro :)

I'm new here so I still don't know much about the forum..
But anyway, I'll try to answer your question.
I know that the CS-780 was manufactured between 2000 and 2002, it features a maple body, a maple neck and a rosewood fingerboard (you can read the specs on the Washburn webstite). I heard that it's a wonderful guitar and that it's very comfortable to play, but sadly I've never had the chance to try one of them. Also, Emppu Vuorinen from Nightwish used the CS -780 between Wishmaster and Century Child.
Anyway, are you still going to sell that guitar? I am interested in it because I'm a BIG Nightwish fan eheh...
Let me know  :)


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