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Hey Bigcity, Thank you for your research and help with getting the pics loaded. I'm very grateful. Also I meant to mention in my first post that I paid $135 US for the banjo , hard case , a decent book and 5 sets of strings so given the great condition of the banjo I guess I didnt do to bad for a beginner instrument. Now Im off to find a tutor! Best Regards.

Thanks for the tip....much appreciated!
Now that I sorted that I attach a few more pics.

Thanks for the info, I'll try to get some photos up today.

I seen to be have trouble I keep working on it.

  I just purchased a Japanese made Washburn B-10 4 string tenor banjo from an older lady who claims it is over 30 years old. The Banjo is in mint conditon and it looks to be very well crafted. However I can't find a single reference to this model anywhere. The label in the resonator actually says the model is a B-10T ( I assume the T is for tenor). All reference to the B10 I find is for the 5 string model. Does anyone know anything about this model? Value or info on quality. I am just starting out so any help is greatly appreciated. I can provide pics if required.
Serial Number is handwritten and is either P4187 or 94187

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