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Ok - I have a question that I really don't want to ask...but how do you tell if a guitar has steel strings or not?  I know that classical guitars have nylon strings...but say for instance the Washburn Timbercraft series - what kind of strings do they have?

Ok guys!  I'm going to print off your responses and research some of what you've suggested so far.  Ring size?  Would you believe I actually don't know....I think 10?  I honestly forget!  That won't be hard to find out though.

Haha - one of each!

You all are fantastic!  I won't be able to really read your responses until tomorrow but I'll read all of them through.  Thank you so, so much!

I meant Alvarez...I'm trying to write this while he's around...eek.

Ok, here is what I found out.  He does not like thick necks on a guitar - he prefers them more narrow.  He used to have an Alverez guitar with steel strings...hmmm...

Ok, I am going to find out as much as I can as to what type of music he will be playing on it...  But, he does have large hands I would say, he's 55, loved the 70s, is more in love with his newly Harley than me (just kidding...but I do sometimes wonder)....  Such as - I just got home from work and where is he?  Oh, on the Harley!  Let's see....he is actually a crafty guy and does a lot of American Indian art, bead work, etc.  Plays the digeridoo haphazardly :), carries a beat real well...  Any of that all help :)  He's a rugged kind of guy but appreciates good quality.

I'm appreciating all of your input.  I'll have to get back on this tomorrow at work but I'm going to try and find out what his old guitar was, etc... tonight.

One last comment before I don't look at this site for 30 minutes ;).  I just checked out the handmade in the USA guitars on Washburn - the D-82sw!  Yes, it is a bit over my price range as far as the msrp goes but it sure is one nice lookin' piece!

I gotta get back to work but I just took a look at a couple of the guitars online...  Ok, so I don't know how they sound or feel but I gotta say that the Timbercraft J56SW and J58SW are just gorgeous works of, I'm slobbering all over my computer :)  Now, I always did want to learn to play and my dad used to have a band and play both acoustic and electric but I never learned...  Incentive for me too :)

Thanks all.  I know many men would frown on their woman picking out something as personal as a guitar...  However, I picked him out a pickup truck as a surprise when he got back from the Gulf in 2003 and he absolutely loved it!  Plus I had donated his old one while he was was really, really bad :)  I'm going online and googling the info so far.  I really appreciate it all!

Yeah - I know.  I'm going to search and search the Internet and right now I'm reading up on what makes a sturdy guitar, etc...  Things to look for, things to stay away from...

Well I don't think he will be that picky.  He was content playing that kids guitar!  He is 6'4 and has large hands.  I think if I get a good selection to take a look at and go see them in person I will know better.  I figured you guys know your stuff a heck of a lot better than me!

I forgot to mention that he would like an acoustic.  Thank you for your help!

Hello - I just found out the other day that my husband could play the guitar.  Yes, we have been married for six years and I know he mentioned it but I guess I hadn't paid attention.  He picked up a friend's son's guitar over the weekend and just started playing!  It was fantastic!  Everyone started to gather round to listen...

So - I want to buy him one for Christmas.  He did used to have one back in the day but due to some unfortunate circumstances had to sell it.  My husband isn't picky and would probably take anything...  But I want him to have something good!

I'm looking to spend up to $1,000 for something decent.  I know nothing about guitars so I am looking for lots of help.  I was looking at a local music store online to see what they had and these were the brands:

Oscar Schmidt
Carter Steel

I know the Washburn brand but haven't heard of any of the others.  I want him to have a good quality sounding guitar that is solid and you don't need to continuously tune.  Also - I need to know other accessories that I would need to start off with.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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