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Yeah put some pictures up and show us how irrigated you are
 >:(More Tossers Than guitar folk on here now WHAT A WASTE
Hello I live in Victoria BC and do irrigation services. I am looking for someone to buy 5 Washburn guitars but they mean a lot to me so I'd prefer to sell them in person. Let me know if anyone in Victoria BC is interested in taking a look at them. I need the money for new irrigation equipment. Thank you.
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The page is always a good help for some guitar dealers and also some people who love to buy guitars pdf not printing. Because it is sharing all the details that are related to some guitars. The page is introducing the Resonator Guitar here.   
General Discussion / Re: R programming assignment help
« Last post by Cornish Boy on Today at 04:30:08 AM »
Lots Of IDIOTS HERE bunch of ar++holes
Announcements & News / Re: What is a dashboard in tableau?
« Last post by Cornish Boy on Today at 04:28:23 AM »
Really stupid TOSSER
Contests / Re: Jam Contest winners
« Last post by johnyjackson on Today at 04:14:09 AM »
Thank you...that's very generous of Washburn.
General Discussion / Re: R programming assignment help
« Last post by Hippity on June 17, 2019, 02:59:54 PM »
Assignment help services become really popular lately. But it's quite sad that a lot of those don't provide decent quality. Speaking of good ones, superior papers comes on mind, and I think that I won't even remember any else. So, I hope that in a few years we will have access to a bigger number of really good writing services and that all the bad ones will disappear. That's how the market supposed to work.
Announcements & News / What is a dashboard in tableau?
« Last post by haranpriya on June 17, 2019, 07:02:55 AM »
Dashboards. Version: 2019.1 Applies to: Tableau Desktop, Tableau Online, Tableau Server. A dashboard is a collection of several views, letting you compare a variety of data simultaneously.
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