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Author Topic: F11AN v WD32SCE  (Read 2908 times)

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« on: March 23, 2013, 04:56:48 AM »
New member here so please forgive my naivete.

I recently picked up a guitar again after learning some basics 30 odd years ago (I played bass then with a few chords chucked in).

I have a F11AN and I am very happy with it. However I have the chance to part exchange it for a WD32SCE (plus about $25.00). Chalk and cheese I know. I played the WD and really liked the sound of it (unplugged). I don't intend to use the electronics but it seemed to be a much warmer and fuller sound than the F11. Also I have light strings on the F11, is it possible to put heavier strings on it (will the guitar take them with no issues?) and will they affect the sound much?

I don't use a pick as I am attempting to learn finger style. I would be very grateful for any shared wisdom from the group.

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Re: F11AN v WD32SCE
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2013, 09:51:13 PM »
Welcome to the forum!

You're comparing two fairly different guitars...the F11 is a folk size guitar, a much smaller body style than the WD32SCE, which is a "dreadnought" size guitar.  The difference in tone between the two that you describe can be attributed to the size differences of the bodies, or perhaps the materials used in the construction.  The WD32SCE has a solid-wood soundboard, whereas the F11AN has a laminate soundboard. 

As for the F11AN string issue, it is usually possible to go up or down one "size" from the standard size strings without needing a new setup....almost ALL Washburn acoustic guitars come with light gauge strings standard. If you were to replace the light gauge strings with mediums you could expect more volume. If you go up more than one gauge size you COULD have issues with the neck needing to be adjusted to accommodate for the increased tension, and perhaps even have difficulty with the strings fitting into the slots on the nut, the piece that holds the strings up off of the fretboard at the "top" of the neck.

A personal note...I owned a WD32S for a while.  I really regret giving it away now. It had a gutsy tone that my all solid-wood equivalent WD32SW doesn't have, and it was VERY happy being played vigorously. I'd buy another in a heartbeat if I could.....and I don't really like the bigger dreadnought body style.  Not only was it my first Washburn, it is one of my most memorable.

Good luck with the decision...spend some time with the WD32SCE if you haven't played on a dreadnought much.  They are a large guitar if you're use to the folk size body style...not everybody's cup of tea, so to speak.


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Re: F11AN v WD32SCE
« Reply #2 on: April 23, 2013, 09:02:59 AM »
Thanks for the reply, I've not checked the forum for a while so was unaware of it. I am grateful for your advice, but a little embarrassed to say that I did trade the F11 but not for the WD32SCE. I inspected it and played around with it again and discovered one or two minor issues with it. I ended up getting a LAG Spring series GLA100DCE (yes its a French guitar!). Initially I probably would not have considered it but it looked similar to the WD so I gave it a try and the rest is history.
So now I don't own any Washburns and feel a little bit like party crasher on this site. However, I have now tried one or two Washburns and being sold on them I hope to pick up another one soon (I liked the body size of the F11 and will probably be in the market for a parlour size guitar in the next year or two).

Thanks again for the advice Dug, and hopefully I will be back on here again soon looking for more.
Best regards