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Author Topic: Any B10 owners out there?  (Read 23137 times)

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Re: Any B10 owners out there?
« Reply #30 on: July 25, 2018, 07:06:09 AM »
Wow, more than ten years on and the thread hasn't died yet ;)

Well, that deserves an update. I said, quite some years ago, that I didn't gig anymore. Since then, I have played a couple of shows and am actually recording this weekend... ad all with my trusty ol' B10

Since I was last on here, I have purchased a couple more basses and guitars, including the Fender Jaguar I always wanted, a Tokai Firebird (lovely guitar!) and a Gibson RD Artist. As for the basses, I purchased an Epiphone Thunderbird and then sold it on just six months later. Nowhere near as nice to play nor sound as good as my thirty year old Washburn ;)

Since I was last on here, I have also purchased a trashed Yamaha RBX200, the same as the one I had as my standby when I used to gig. That one was stolen from a show so when this one came up on eBay for about $40, I grabbed it as a project. I have refinished and rewired it and it's not a bad thing at all... but still not as good as my B10 ;)
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After thirty years, I wish I could say I have fared as well as my Washburn!